Zeolite in animal husbandry

 Zeolite is used as mineral feed supplement to boost the immune system, to normalize metabolism, to prevent gastro -intestinal diseases.

 Zeolite improves fertility and increases survival of healthy offspring, provides a natural wool luster, healthy growth, strength, renovation of the protective abilities of the organism.

 The usage of natural zeolite in animal and poultry nutrition contributes slowing the rate of passage of food mass through the digestive tract, and thereby increases the impact of digestive juices on them. The usage of natural zeolite increases the ability of animals to use the nutrients of the diet.

 One of the positive effects of zeolite is the increase of the vitality of animals and birds.
 Experimentally proved that the feeding with natural zeolite helps to reduce the number of gastrointestinal diseases, which may be stipulated by a reduction of bacterial infections in the intestine.

Also, the natural zeolite feeding, apparently, promotes the excretion of metabolic products and toxic substances introduced to food

 The use of zeolite as a supplement in animal feeding can:

• improve the nutritional properties of food;

• positively affect the digestive processes in animals organisms, to improve the efficiency of nutrients absorption;

• improve the physiological condition of animals;

• increase the viability of animals, to prevent certain diseases;

• increase the productivity of animals;

• adsorb and rid the body of animals radionuclides, ammonia oxide and carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals.

 The practice has shown that regular use of zeolite increases the following indicators:
 In case of giving feed to cows increases:

• average daily milk yield to 5-8%;

• the safety of newborn calves to 10%;

• increase in live weight of offspring to 6-18%

 In case of giving zeolite feed to the sheep increases:

• wool clip to 13%;

• the wool strength  to 6-12%;

• multiple pregnancy of ewes to 11%

• live weight of offspring to 3-14%

 In case of giving feed to pigs increases:

• preservation of piglets to 15-18%; 

• offspring productivity to 8-10%;

 In case of giving feed to all kinds of agricultural birds increases:

• body weight to 5-10%;

• safety of livestock to 2%;

• hens egg-laying to 3-5%;

• decreases the eggs breakage to 3-5%;

 As a deodorant of livestock premises:

• adding 250g of zeolite per 1 kgof litter destroys the odor for 100%;

• The litter humidity of 25%  is achieved in 2 days term.

 Physiological experiments showed notable positive effect of zeolite on the digestibility of dry and organic substances of feed, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus absorption. Was revealed higher bone density of tested animals in comparison with control.

The usage of zeolite has extremely beneficial effect as a therapeutic agent for diarrhea that occurs in piglets during weaning them from their mothers.

The experiments revealed that a week after the zeolite feeding digestive processes are stabilized, increasing the total acidity.