Zeolite is a hygienic filler for pets’ toilets

Zeolite is a hygienic filler for pets’ toilets- highly effective, ecologically clean,  of long action for a toilet for cats and other pets, made of zeolite tuffs.

 The unpleasant smell coming from the toilets for a cat or dogs’ cages, cages for birds, can be neutralized through the application of natural zeolites.

Natural zeolite removes the bad smell due to enhanced adsorption capacity for ion-exchange.

Natural zeolite (Clinoptilolite) is a 100% basis for hygienic filler – synthesized by nature during millions of years from volcanic ash, a highly porous adsorbent with unique properties:

• high ion-exchange capacity for ammonium ions;
• high adsorption capacity for gases and moisture;
• at any stage of technological processing chemical reagents are not used;
• developed structure of micro-and macropores, occupying 52% of  volume;
• sufficiently high mechanical strength and chemical resistance.

 Soft and silky to the touch - filler attracts cats, dogs and birds, so they quickly get used to it as a necessary attribute of their lives.
High porosity and capacity for ammonium ions allows the use of zeolite filler material for a long time, with no smell, and prevents the growth of microorganisms in the filler. When moistured, it doesn’t compose into smaller components and does not stick to paws of animals.